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Dating a person with tbi

Starting or Nourishing Romantic Relationships After Brain.

For people living with the long-term effects of brain injury, the idea of dating can be a daunting and challenging prospect. Common concerns include the difficulties of dating when you have memory issues, low confidence and communication problems, while family members and carers often have concerns about their loved ones’ safety.

Dating a person with tbi

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Many times those with TBI have sound sensitivities and aren’t as fast processing sentences, therefore speaking soft and slowly gives the person a chance to understand what you are saying and allows them to process this. They may not understand what you are saying right away, so expressing your words in an easier to understand fashion helps.

Dating a person with tbi

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So I recently started dating someone who has a TBI. I've worked with young people with them when I worked in healthcare. His accident was 5yrs ago. I'm just wondering if people can share resources with me on TBI's and relationships with someone with one. Any advice would be great too. If it matters he was 26 at the time of the accident and is.


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Dating someone with a TBI: TBI.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens when a sudden trauma damages the brain, such as in a car accident, an explosion, a blow to the head in sports, or a fall. TBI can be mild, moderate, or severe. The person with a mild TBI may have no loss of consciousness, while a person with a severe TBI may be unconscious for a long period of time.

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A severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects more than just the injured person. It also affects family members and friends who love and are close to the person who is injured. As one of these people, you play a very important role in caring for a loved one with a severe TBI. For many, this role is new and comes with a lot of questions.

How a Relationship Can Survive After Traumatic Brain Injury.

A traumatic brain injury which is also known as intracranial injury occurs when a very strong external force caused traumatically injuries in the brain of a person. Everyone can be victimized by this kind of brain injury regardless of age and gender. Traumatic brain injury can be classified only through its severity and mechanism. Most of the time, it is being associated with a serious head.


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After traumatic brain injury (TBI), many couples find that their relationship with each other changes dramatically. These changes are very personal and can be very emotional for both people in the relationship. This factsheet will help couples understand some of the common changes they may notice in their relationship after TBI. Also, suggestions are given for ways that couples can address.


Traumatic brain injury occurs when a sudden trauma causes brain damage. TBI can result from a closed head injury or a penetrating head injury. Symptoms of a TBI can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent of the damage to the brain. Outcome can be anything from complete recovery to permanent disability or death. A coma can also affect a child's brain. 605 Members. 2,736 Posts. 0.

Dating a person with tbi

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Dating a person with tbi

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Over the past three decades, there has been a significant growth of interest in the study of individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although physical disabilities are associated with TBI, the more prominent and common impairments are psychological in nature and involve deficits in attention, memory and executive functions, communication difficulties, and behaviour and personality changes.

Dating a person with tbi

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Each year, 80,000-90,000 people experience the onset of long-term or lifelong disabilities associated with TBI. Males represent 78.8 percent of all reported TBI accidents and females represent 21.2 percent, with higher rates of TBI amongst males (959 per 100,000) than females (811 per 100,000). Sports and recreational activities contribute to about 21 percent of all TBIs among American.

Dating a person with tbi

How to Care for Someone with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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Dating a person with tbi

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Each person with a traumatic brain injury should undergo medical and neurologic evaluations. The setting of the injury, the severity of the injury, and the neurologic and medical conditions of the person will help to determine the need for further evaluations, including neuropsychologic testing and the immediate versus late treatments offered to a person. Brain imaging with CT and when.

Dating a person with tbi

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